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Read Tempting a Maruess ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook To the Château Debauchery to experience one night of pleasure before she submits herself to a life of wedded dullness The Maruess of Alastair concerns himself with no one but to appease his aunt on her birthday he agrees to select one person whose interests he will look after It was not his intention to choose the plain and simple Miss Abbott but when she unexpectedly shows up at the Château D. Millie has become betrothed to a rather dull man to satisfy her family s wishes but regrets it immediately Her cousin by marriage has provided the dowry and she reuests that Andre revokes it he will not Andre is the Maruess in the titleKatherine who is the aunt to both the young people hosts a birthday ball and asks Andre to interest himself in just one person s welfare as a birthday present to her Andre is thought by many but not Katherine to be a fairly cynical and irredeemable rake Katherine knows that Millie is sexually inuisitive with dark desires and knowing that Andre is due to visit the Chateau Debauchery takes Millie there to explore her sexuality before she marries her dull fianc Needless to say Andre is appalled to see Millie at the Chateau and wishes her to leave this is really uite humorous as he keeps trying to persuade her to leave while she insists upon staying Andre really tries to save Millie from ruination not realising that his very proper cousin by marriage has sinful proclivities about which Katherine has knowledge On the first night of guest s stay at the Chateau those without a partner mingle with all those present to choose who they wish to pair with Therefore Andre arranges with the Madam that he is paired with Millie to save her from Earl Devon who is showing great interest in her Andre is fully intending to ensure that Millie has a chaste and an uneventful stay but things don t work out that way Millie shocks Andre with some revelations and then cajoles him into introducing her to the ways of the Chateau Katherine has obviously set them up A witty and enjoyable read I received an ARC for an impartial review

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Read Tempting a Maruess ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook How far will this Regency miss go to tempt a maruess On the surface Mildred Abbott is a proper Regency miss But secretly compromised she longs to explore the pleasures of the flesh Engaged to an uninspiring sycophant she asks the influential nephew of her patroness in debauchery to interfere and break her engagement When her appeals to him fail she decides to take a singular opportunity a visit. Tempting A Maruess by Georgette Brown is Book Four in the A Steamy Regency Romance series This is the story of Mildred Millie Abbott and Andre The Maruess of Alastair I haven t yet read the other books in this series so for me it was a standalone book Millie accepts a proposal from someone her father wishers her to marry George Haversham Millie didn t want to let the family down when she accepted the marriage proposal but now after thinking about it she knows she doesn t want to go trough with the marriage Alastair is her cousin through marriage and not blood and also who gave her father a Dowry that has attracted George to ask her to marry him When she approaches Alastair he reports that he can t take the money back and leaves Alastair s Aunt Katherine asked him as a birthday gift for him to choose one of the family members to take under his wing so that he ca help them but importantly find someone else he can be close too Aunt Katherine worries that with Alastair rake of a lifestyle and his unwillingness to marry will leave him alone if something happens to her Aunt Katherine sends Millie on a course to stay at Chateau Follet which in her younger days is where she meet her husband It is also a place where different sexual situation go on Aunt Katherine knows that Alastair is going there and we learn when Aunt Katherine has done something similar before for another couple and it ended well Millie thinks Aunt Katherine is suggesting this as a chance to have an experience before settling down with George who they both know will be boring Alastair was shocked to see Millie there and goes into protective mode and also opens his eyes to Abby Really enjoyed their storyMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Read Tempting a Maruess ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ebauchery his hand is forced Knowing his aunt to be partial to the miss he grudgingly decides to act the part of a gentleman and preserve Miss Abbott's honor by removing her from the Château But Mildred refuses to go until she has had her night of debauchery If you enjoy stories with headstrong heroines devilish rakes and plenty of heat grab a fan to cool you down and a copy of Tempting A Marue. I wish I had a cousin Andre before I married Lucky Millie She refuses to enter into a marriage with a prudish stick in the mud without fully exploring her sexual interests Led by her godmother she arrives at Chateau Debauchery for a house party Unexpectedly Andre also attends What follows is a mixture of wit sensuality and misunderstandingI admired Millie for her commitment to experiencing the full spectrum of physical pleasure while she had the opportunity I fell for Andre because even though he was known as a rogue he fought to protect Millie from ruination including the threat he presented Lady Katherine Millie s godmother was a force to be reckoned with a widow with past personal appreciation of the ChateauShe sympathized with Millie s predicament and facilitated Millie s uest These characters are real witty occasionally confused and confusing and in Andre s case operating under a falsely high opinion of his ability to command obedienceOnce I started reading I couldn t stop I can t wait for the next part of their story I received an ARC from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own