EBOOK The Elements of Style

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  • The Elements of Style
  • William Strunk Jr.
  • English
  • 26 May 2019
  • 9780143112723

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Summary ¿ The Elements of Style ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Uide when in need of a hint to make a turn of phrase clearer or a reminder on how to enliven prose with the active voice The only style manual to ever appear on bestseller lists has explained to millions of. It is an old observation that the best writers sometimes disregard the rules of rhetoric says professor Strunk The old fart was probably referring to his students at Cornell University The Elements of Style is indeed a dusty textbook 1918 but still widely in use today It aims at providing a set of rules and tips on how to write properly if not elegantly Stephen King in On Writing A Memoir of the Craft strongly recommends this book to any aspiring fiction writerIn truth such rules as for instance the pre eminence of the active over the passive voice or the superiority of the positive over the negative mode in a sentence which at the time were perhaps not as evident have become the sesame of communication advocated at school in business and even in spelling and grammar softwareSome of Strunk s remarks are amusing sarcastic even like this one on the use of the word Nature Often vaguely used in such expressions as a lover of nature poems about nature Unless specific statements follow the reader cannot tell whether the poems have to do with natural scenery rural life the sunset the untracked wilderness or the habits of suirrels While this hodgepodge of rules is at best a bit arbitrary and at worst uite outdated the core of it all is to prompt students to write boldly confidently legibly with crispness and vigour and avoid fizzling out with sloppy writing nothing wrong about that

Summary The Elements of StyleThe Elements of Style

Summary ¿ The Elements of Style ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Every English writer knows Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style The book’s mantra make every word tell is still on point This much loved classic now in its fourth edition will forever be the go to g. I remember my Freshman year sitting in the Music Building lounge waiting for my next class when Maryanne came crashing in with an appropriate amount of chaos announcing to all Oh crap I can t find my Strunk and White Everyone else in the room apparently knew what she was talking about but I sat with a blank stare A few weeks latter my reuired English 101 professor insisted we hit the bookstore and buy The Elements of Style We were to treat it like the Holy Grail of grammar carry it with us at all times sleep with it and consider it our eternal faithful lover This would become the first of many copies of Strunk White that have come and gone in my life I think at one time I actually had four copies Maryanne made a similar pontification in the same lounge a month later Oh no I have lost my Boosey Hawkes which I did understand It may have sounded erotic than Strunk White but certainly less dramatic For me Boosies and Hawksies came and went but Strunks and Whites have remained constant This year for my birthday I received yet another copy Only this edition is hardback and Illustrated At first I thought how ueer can this be It has got to be a mistake It s a grammar book This had to be a novel a book on fashion or something sharing a name Nope Same Strunk White only this time with pictures Over the years I have acuired other books on grammar even one on Pittsburgh diction go figure but none can compare The Elements of Style is concise easy to understand and practically perfect It s the best EverAnd a very clever artist has figured out how to illustrate sentence fragments misused words the hyphen participle phrases and lots of other teeth gritting English stumbling blocks in a very Magritte sort of wayYet there is one thing even the most excellent book won t be able to do as my friends will attest and this would be comma abuse of which I am the MasterIt s a Music Publisher

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Summary ¿ The Elements of Style ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Readers the basic principals of plain English and Maira Kalman’s fifty seven exuisite illustrations give the revered work a jolt of new energy making the learning experience colorful and clear back cover. This is a wonderful book for beginning writers to use as a guide It cleary spells out the rules of English grammar and provides examples to explain each guideline I highly recommend this little gem I bought this book at special price from here