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  • Paperback
  • 248
  • The Path of Alchemy
  • Mark Stavish
  • English
  • 12 October 2020
  • 9780738709031

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FREE READ ↠ The Path of Alchemy The Path of Alchemy introduces the history and basic laws of alchemy including its relation to abala tarot astrology and the four elements Safe moder. This is an engaging entertaining book very accessible and a pleasure to read This unfortunately functions as a seductive allurement to misleading or incomplete laboratory alchemy instructions I was willing to overlook certain odd techniues such as using sea salt as the basis for a plant stone why would you do this why use an animal salt as a substitute for a plant salt the seed must be planted in its corresponding womb in order to grow and become an alchemical child so that s like trying to mate an octopus with an orchid or doing the cohobation of the spagyric tincture one pinch at a time this would probably work but it s convenient to cohobate all at once and then filter the result after they have been well mixed but the section on Ens Melissa really got my goat It s so incorrect and incomplete that someone following these instructions would waste a lot of energy creating a poison The deliuescence of potassium carbonate is not angel water it was called oil of tartar per deliuiem its distillate is angel water You should use the oil of tartar The melissa must be removed from the oil of tartar before the alcohol is added The alcohol must be 95% pure ethanol or it will not separate and then your solution will be half lye and undrinkableAnyway I really wanted to like this book but considering the trouble it takes to make the deliuescence I was taken aback that the rest of the instructions for creating the Ens were slapdash

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FREE READ ↠ The Path of Alchemy G spiritual growth and Each chapter also includes meditations an assignments to advance toward healing and the transformation of body mind and spirit. You would have to be interested in Alchemy which I am so if you are I highly recommend it

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FREE READ ↠ The Path of Alchemy N techniues based on spagyrics the Greek term for plant alchemy are provided to create distillations stones tinctures and elixirs for physical healin. Practical and clear