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The Splatter House Rules Free read à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB In Jeff O'Brien's The Splatter House Rules he takes us to rural Oyster River New Hampshire where seventeen year old Tabitha has reluctantly agreed to the mayor's offer to make her a counselor at Camp Montejo Lake a camp that mysteriously closed down almost twenty years ago for reasons undisclosed. The Rules of the Splatter House are simple Shut the fuck up unless you are expressing physical pain that is inflicted upon you by menot a direct uote but first rule of Splatter HouseA perfect homage to the 80 s slasher films like the Friday 13th franchise or Sleep Away Camp or even most recently The Cabin in the Woods there is indeed a cabin in the woods Absolutely a perfect little horror movie in the form of a book The delivery and formula stays true and is spot on without being redundant Jeff O brien just made an incredible screenplay for a classic slasher movie with an amazing cast and concept Our heroine is like any other female role in a slasher flick she has her own inner demons to combat while her co counselors start disappearing one by one The setting of the story is of course the woods where four junior camp counselors and four senior camp counselors arrive early to Camp Montejo Lake to start preparing for the campers arrival There s a legend that surrounds Camp Montejo Lake a legend that holds dark secrets deep in the woods in a cabin appropriately named The Splatter House What these counselors don t know is that there is much much to that legend than just the cabin A darker sinister well kept secretuntil now O brien opens up this flick with a flashback scene Taking us back to 1995 we are witness to a grisly murder by our Splatter House killer Flash forward to the present and we meet our heroine Enter Tabitha an outcast with her different colored hair and emo like demeanor she is regarded by many of her peers as a freak Tabitha is one of the junior camp counselors arriving at Camp Montejo Lake named after the owner s family name Along with her you have your run of the mill hodge podge of characters the jock douche Ken the preppy bitch dating the jock douche Brianna and the nerd that has the hots for Tabitha Sean Tabitha hasn t the hots for him and no interest in anyone at the camp until the senior counselors show up Enter Veronica an upbeat outgoing tough as nails hottie at least to Tabitha Veronica treats Tabitha differently than anyone else has ever treated only furthering Tabitha s lust and love for her Along with Veronica we have Rob the level headed one of the bunch Paul the grownup douche jock and Becky the strange uiet one After arriving at the camp everyone gets acclimated in their cabins and the legend of the Splatter House begins its tall tale amongst the counselors O brien s style in this book is spot on From the beginning opening murder scene to the cut aways of each camper getting murdered It was just like watching Friday the 13th when one of the counselors would step out or walk away from the group you just knew Voorhees was just around the corner to inflict a gruesome death upon the teen You will not be disappointed with O brien s death scenes They are not drawn out but again the way he is able to keep the story flowing while giving us those cut aways is so entertaining Along the way the author drops misleading hints about who the killer might be There were times where I was uestioning everyone in my mind and a few people I kept going back to thinking That s the killer I just know it The killer isn t the only thing to fear as the counselors find out when they see a mysterious ghost girl who is carrying a hatchetwho is she Where did she come from and what does she have to do with Tabitha Once again O brien has written characters that are relatable despite their stereotypical descriptions I m beginning to think that s the point make the characters seem like your run of the mill stereotype and then be proven wrong with the voice the author gives making you feel for the character rather than pity them The ending is actually pretty surprising with elements of family secrets revealed monsters in the lake and here s one that will throw you off a political revelation Reminded me very much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 with The Initiative I loved the ending I loved how everything came to light and the conclusion is truly uniue I was given a PDF version of this book I feel like I just rented an awesome horror movie and now I want to buy the DVD I will be making this book an actual purchase for my DVD rackI mean book shelf

Summary The Splatter House RulesThe Splatter House Rules

The Splatter House Rules Free read à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB F and getting in touch with her true identity out in the woods she also found true love to perfectly compliment her newfound identity But as the other counselors began disappearing one by one she found out a lot about herself than she bargained for and something far worse The Splatter House is rea. I m not usually a reader of Bizarro but this book wasn t too bad It was a good Lovecraft themed Friday the 13th romp If you don t like strange sex and gory scenes then this book is definitely not for you While that isn t normally my cup of tea I thought that this book was well done and it kept me reading straight through to the end

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The Splatter House Rules Free read à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Many a rumor and urban legend had surfaced since then about a mysterious cabin deep in the woods known as The Splatter House Thinking of the mayor's offer as just a taste of freedom away from the tyrannical rule of her overly religious parents she figured it couldn't be all that bad Finding hersel. This was a fun book to read while laid up in bed with a sprained foot I enjoyed every page of this book It was an interesting twist at the end that I didn t see coming Definitely worth the money to pick this book up and give it a read