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The Unhewn Stone Read & Download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wendy Laharnar õ 4 Read & Download Read The Unhewn Stone When teenager Stefan Gessler answers the call to restore his family's honour he discovers it takes than superior education and pride to euip him for life in the Middle Ages His dangerous adventures threaten his courage and challenge. This book was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Awards This is what our readers thoughtTitleThe Unhewn StoneAuthorWendy LaharnarFEEDBACKCOVER 810A well designed cover Eye catching Very powerful central image and easy to read lettering Well written blurb pulling the reader inEDITING 810Generally very well edited No problems with spelling punctuation or paragraphing The readers did suggest the editor might have worked a little on pacing particularly in the middle fo the book where it slowed up a bitTHEME 810Very much enjoyed by the readers Although a number of them thought it all became a little messy in the middle of the book they loved the idea of a boy solving medieval problems using modern methods They liked the clever way you linked the past and the present and the well thought out mixture of magic and adventureThey also felt you put together many strong characters particularly your hero They felt he had depth developed as the story progressed and the fact he was disfigured added another element of interestThe readers felt you created an interesting and fun magical world for your characters to inhabit and they enjoyed learning about medieval Switzerland and the time travel element they felt worked wellSTYLE 610Most of the readers enjoyed your style of writing A few felt the foreign words were a little annoying and thought a glossary at the bottom of the page where the word is might prevent readers from having to hunt out the glossary at the back They felt the present system interrupted the flow of the storyThey thought your writing was light easy to read and for the most part well paced You understand how important it is not to just describe what a character can see but also what he or she can hear and smell and touchSTATSOf the 18 readers6 felt the middle needed chapters needed a little work A few extra twists and turns perhaps to keep up the pacing16 loved the cover 2 suggested colour needed10 felt your ability to create memorable characters was your strongest writing skill7 thought your ability to creat a magical setting was your strongest writing skill1 thought your action writing was your strongest writing skill An enthralling tale of magic and adventure Highly recommended The Wishing Shelf Awards

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The Unhewn Stone Read & Download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wendy Laharnar õ 4 Read & Download Read The Unhewn Stone T the wizard deadFaced with his own demons and those of medieval Switzerland how will Stefan complete his mission and escape the fourteenth centuryaliveLife in the Middle Ages is a dangerous game even for Üserwäälti the Chosen On. At the start the occasional foreign word threw me but as I eased into the story I found the italicized words charming and I worked out what they meant At the end of the novel a glossary explains the unfamiliar words meaning and I eagerly went over them to assure myself I d guessed correctlyWendy Laharnar s writing charges together the emotion of the main character and the magnificent mountainous scenery with the clash of magicArrogant because of his privileged background yet resentful of his disfigurements a mission draws the flawed youth to another time I could experience everything with him tastes sounds perfumes and disgusting smells Chapter after chapter enchantment combined with adventure ended with another enticement to read on

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The Unhewn Stone Read & Download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wendy Laharnar õ 4 Read & Download Read The Unhewn Stone His beliefsImmersed in the turbulent events of the Wilhelm Tell legend Stefan pretends to be a wizard when an avaricious sibyl mistakes him for an alchemist The shape shifting sibyl and an evil knight have diabolical reasons to wan. 2nd September 2011The Unhewn Stone by Wendy LaharnarThe Unhewn Stone is a fantasy tale about a young man Stefan Gessler who returns to the time of his ancestors in the 14th Century His primary task is to restore honour to his family name destroyed by the William Tell legend and secondly to learn how to change base metals into gold Starting off as a callow youth Stefan grows with the story to become an accomplished man Fantasy is not my preferred genre but once I started this story I became drawn in to the plight of Stefan as a modern young man disfigured in looks suffering from unreuited love and bereft at the death of his dog As the story progresses we venture into fantasy land I continued to read caught by the adventures of the 14th C Stefan and his ancient family One fascinating aspect is that Stefan retains his 21st C outlook which at times contrasts sharply with those of his 14th C cousins I enjoyed his comparisons I found the magical elements were written convincingly enough that I had no trouble suspending my disbeliefStefan remains very human with his faults his sometimes overbearing attitude getting him into trouble than necessary He grows with the plot He builds a good relationship with his distant cousin Rolf and various friends The tale is sweetened by the love of Rolf and Eva Tell It kept me reading as it bounded from one adventure after another with Stefan and Rolf fleeing their enemies both human and spiritual in the various guises of a sibyl who is determined to steal Stefan s half of his orb and thus prevent him from returning to his own time The ending built up into a page turning climax that satisfied this readerReviewed by Carole Sutton