The Call (PDF)

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  • 160
  • The Call
  • Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781401078768

Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich ß 4 Free read

Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich ß 4 Free read Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich review The Call Own truth and the Creative Source She embodies the vibration of the Violet Flame a multidimensional transformational vibration emanating from the 7th Ray It creates a freuency of freedom purification and redemption Through the use of ritual and ceremony the Violet Flame is called upon to etherialize that which has completed its service in any realm It uses the sacred fire through intention thought and word to transmute and transform material into a perfect etheric form Using the freuency of the Violet Flame Toni Sar'h creates a unified field of multidimensional energy enabling an individual to transmute the dross material of the earth plane into the amethyst of healing This transformational energy purifies and redeems the soul fabric resurrecting and perfecting the soul in its travels on earth As the energy inherent in the individual's etheric field is aligned with the vibration of forgiveness it etherializes the heavier weight of the earth plane and allows the welcoming change of cosmic service to become a reality in life The Angelic Human information that has become a part of Toni Sar'h's soul fabric and thus given to the world at large is the next step in the purifying process that is embed within the Violet Flame Calling on the realm of the Seraphim the angelic realm of fire she brings into manifestation the fulfillment of the yearning of man's soul for re connection with its Creative Source In this dissolution man once again returns to Liuid Living Light the vibration of Hom.

Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Toni Elizabeth Sarh PetrinovichThe Call

Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich ß 4 Free read Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich review The Call The Call Awakening the Angelic Human is a search for wholeness within and without and clarifies many age old uestions Do angels exist Are there angelic humans Is the search for the angelic a call from the soul to fulfill an interconnectedness that knows no physical bounds but opens to the discovery that this angelic spirit is already within It provides an understanding of the angelic realm its purpose and focus and man's possible agreement with it The Call links the angelic realm the principles that activate DNA in humanity the connection between DNA and evolution and describes the Angelic Human AH It explains how AH have an attraction to the One Will and how this intensified attraction manifests encoded differences within the Angelic Human's soul pattern This magnetism further integrates the individuated free will into the One Will bringing the Angelic Humans into a mode of surrender and vulnerability Within that vulnerability lives the potential for the greatest power the openness that is the gap between breaths which brings the Angelic Human to the depths of the Heart the Pulse of the Sophia the Mother Creator The Call reveals why this is the time of unfolding consciousness how man can manifest this consciousness most easily and what purpose Angelic Humans serve in the overall design of humanity's evolution Not only is this a book of self discovery it is a primer for the activating soul who remembers a calling to this time and space to provide a portal through the ever awakenin.

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Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich ß 4 Free read Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Toni Elizabeth Sarh Petrinovich review The Call G consciousness for light truth and divinity to flow This book is a manual of instruction demonstrating that there is only one force only one energy a unified field There is no other out there The mass consciousness of mankind aids in creating the illusion that there is a reality that is separate from itself It is really by mass agreement that this is so and it can be changed at any time The Angelic Humans are about changing that mass agreement The Call brings forth guidance on how to rest in the knowing that all is in perfect alignment with an unfolding whose time has come Man's destiny is now to assist in the great design of union and truth here The understanding of how unconditional love and compassion are awakened vibrationally brings with it the acknowledgement of the Angelic Human It creates an opening to the wisdom and knowledge of the spheres and the texture of the divine Within this knowing the 'being' beginsagain and man is held in the memory and experience of Home About the Author Toni Sar'h Petrinovich had an early foundation in the world of spirituality first within the Catholic Church and then as a Master Teach within the Holy Order of MANS in San Francisco CA She continued her education in this realm achieving her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles Toni Sar'h was born with the innate ability to see beyond the physical realm and uses her gifts to empower people to improve their own lives and bring them in tune with their.

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