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Gisela Hoyle ¶ 8 Summary The White Kudu Summary É 108 Shoop's future As they wait for decisions to be made Sharon learns the details of her father's love affair of twelve years ago and Joshua caught up in the story of the white kudu has a brief liaison with one of the young wives whose husband responds with the then common family suicide The ensuing tension between Joshua and the Vermeulen family come to a head during the funeral This is shortly followed by the arrival of the mining company who have an offer for the land The uestions of wealth and the continued life of the community over ride personal tragedy and the Vermeulens sell their farm and leave Abelshoop Joshua leaves too feeling he has betrayed not only the people but the land as well and finds relief in a new and even remote project Sharon defeated by the wealth and power of the mine returns to university and writes a thesis on San rock art and its relation to Shamanic practices and mythology In Abelshoop time marches on destroying much of the old life but also renewin.

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The White Kudu

Gisela Hoyle ¶ 8 Summary The White Kudu Summary É 108 The white kudu is the story of a legend which holds a town in the Northern Cape of South Africa in its thrall So when Joshua Hunter a young English geologist arrives there in the late 1990s he is immediately drawn against his modern scientific convictions into the compelling myth of a kudu yearling's impossible love for a star maiden who had fallen to earth at his birth The native labourers welcome him as the prophesied stranger who heralds the return of the white kudu bringing an end to drought and hardship The white farmers see in him a threat as his predecessor had torn one of the families apart with a scandalous and tragic affair When his promising project is held up by the discovery of an ancient burial site the situation is further complicated by the arrival of that predecessor's daughter Sharon Shackleton who is an archeologist While Sharon finds a way of dealing appropriately with the skeleton both she and Joshua learn about the land claims battles which loom over Abel.

Free download · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¶ Gisela Hoyle

Gisela Hoyle ¶ 8 Summary The White Kudu Summary É 108 G the town and opening new possibilities For some the promise of the white kudu's return – the end of the drought seems to have come true despite the high cost in lives and traditional culture The white kudu is sighted again but he seems lost and is reduced to a tourist attraction Two years later the mine has decided to open a museum of San Cultural heritage and invites Sharon to become the curator She is the first to return and finds that much has changed but not all is lost For the ceremony of opening the museum she invites Joshua her parents and Adam Vermeulen They all return to Abelshoop anxiously confused by the new landscape and afraid of facing one another again Adam and the two older Shackletons discover a reconciliation which finally makes the extraordinary encounter with the mythical world bearable and the kudu is released from his wandering Joshua and Sharon find that while the legend has found its end the life it promised does continue and they have a share in th.

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