• Paperback
  • 288
  • The Witch Thief
  • Lori Devoti
  • English
  • 06 August 2020
  • 9780373618835

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The Witch Thief Download ´ 104 Read & Download The Witch Thief Arr commandeered Amma's body and blocked her magic She would spend every moment by his side until the chalice could be foundAmma had risked everything to uncover the secrets in her past even the rage o. Amma is a witch but she is something She is a half breed of some kind She doesn t know who or what her father was She had been hired by a dwarf called The Collector to steal The Dragon Chalice In order to steal the chalice she must become The Chalice Keeper s lover Joarr the chalice keeper is a good looking alpha dragon While Joarr sleeps she steals the chalice and sells it to the dwarf for information on her father She goes to the Elven kingdom where the elves separate her soul from her body and she is imprisoned for 100 hundred years Joarr her lover is also imprisoned in his dragon form This is where our story beginsJoarr the Chalice Keeper must find the chalice before all dragons are made extinct In order to do this he must convince Amma to help him find it During their search Amma and Joarr become lovers Amma wants to find and steal the cup for herself She hasn t told Joarr that prior to being imprisoned that she was pregnant Joarr knows that Amma s father had to have been a dragon because dragons can only imprint with other dragons and they have imprinted with each otherThis book is full of action From start to finish it is fast paced I would definitely recommend this story

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The Witch Thief

The Witch Thief Download ´ 104 Read & Download The Witch Thief Joarr Enge never believed in the powers of the chalice he was tasked to guard but he sure as hell wasn't going to let the captivating witch who'd robbed him escape Now a century after her betrayal Jo. The idea of battling with her playing with her maybe celebrating her return to her body with her reminded Joarr that he d been a prisoner too Been cut off from many of the same physical pleasures Amma hadPerhaps they could rediscover them togetherThis was the winner of the Romantic Times Book Review Harleuin Nocturne Reader s Choice Award 2012As a fantasy book this is very good Amma is a powerful witch she was the super villain in than one previous entries in this series the Unbound seriesDevoti chooses to make the super villainess the heroine of this bookBut she can t pull it off Amma is a horrible selfish person who is almost heartless Devoti could not convince me to root for her in this book which made it a terrible romance novelAs a fantasy novel it succeeds A powerful witch and a weredragon who hate each other end up in a reluctant based on deceit deal to work together for a short time There s dwarves treasure elves weredragons witches battles blood drinking shapeshifting All kinds of cool stuff The plot is well thought out and very exciting and fast paced But as a romance novel I think it fails When I read romance novels I want two people who love each other care for each other trust and respect each other I want sweet caring relationships I just cannot feel for or root for two people who have such anger towards each other and Amma is so devious and always planning to betray hurt or kill Joarr This is not sexy It is sad I didn t like itHow s the sex CarmenI can t enjoy sex between devious and heartless protagonists I just can t I like sweetness and love not backstabbing and betrayal Tl dr Ironic that while this book was the whole reason I picked up Devoti s Unbound series it is one of the books I liked least out of the series I didn t like Guardian s Keep much either the heroine was very annoying While I admire Devoti s skill and tendency to make villains in former books heroines in future ones here Amma was too evil for me to get any enjoyment out of this story I just didn t like her Joarr wasn t much better As a fantasy novel this is a solid entry with great characters plot and world building As a romance novel it failsTHREE REAL STARS TWO ROMANCE STARSPS I did love how weredragon boyfriends are like portable heating devices You would never be cold you would just snuggle up to your heat generating boyfriend and have snuggles This is a very attractive idea for me You would never be cold again Plus extra snuggles Bonus Markus is right I should travel to Azeroth and find one

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The Witch Thief Download ´ 104 Read & Download The Witch Thief F her powerful and mysterious dragon lover But as Joarr's passionate fire tempted her to dream of a future with him could their magic unite two separate worlds for the most precious thing of alltheir s. I liked this book It was a bit slow in the beginning and at first I really did not like the witch Amma She had a pretty high opinion of herself and thought nobody but nobody knew magic like she did Well she was in for a surprise as Joarr is a dragon shifter and not many can beat their magic Amma steels the chalice that Joarr was protecting by deceiving him thinking he would never miss just one little bit of treasure Sureuh huh Got interesting after that Would recommend if you like dragon books etc