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  • 10 January 2020
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Lyn Forester â 7 Summary

Free read Tied by Fate Read & Download ☆ Tied by Fate ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Lyn Forester â 7 Summary And always take inspiration from the contents of the book.. I first read Lyn Forester s Tied By Fate as part of the Falling For Them Anthology I was really looking forward to this book both because I love all her writing and because I loved the first in the series so much while this is book 2 they are standalone so no worries if you haven t read the other though I do recommend it She did not disappoint Tied By Fate was just as sweet and fun and engaging as Bound To Be and it was wonderful to see the little overlaps between the stories As with the first and many of Forester s other books I love the natural way she introduces elements of her fantasy world nothing ever feels forced or like a lecture on the history of this particular time and place Definitely read this one

Free read Tied by Fate

Tied by Fate

Free read Tied by Fate Read & Download ☆ Tied by Fate ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Lyn Forester â 7 Summary Good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed. I love Lyn Forester and her Thread Reader series I read the first book Bound to be which is MM and it was Fantastic The reason i mention this is because Tied by Fate is the second book but also runs adjacent to that storyline making Mal Aiden and Fiona s story richer not to mention getting of the Fabulously Sparkly Hamilton And while we got a glimpse and understanding of the world building which is almost contemporary with a paranormal twist sirens leviathans willow wisps etcIf you read Bound to Be you may remember the O Brien triplets made an appearance well this is Siobhan story with the three boys that once broke her heart as a teenI absolutely loved these characters and the story has such depth and great world building and there s a set up of stories in this series I know I d love to read

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Free read Tied by Fate Read & Download ☆ Tied by Fate ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Lyn Forester â 7 Summary Best Kindle Epub, Tied by Fate By Lyn Forester This is very. Doesn t answer a single uestionI m confused This books leaves basically everything unanswered What country is this set in What timd frame is this set in I thought it was contemporary with the cars going to college computers the Internet but everyone talks by walkie talkies uses landlines men make the decisions people apprentice at pubs oh and herbal tea is used as birth control instead of you know condoms or I don t know actual birth controlIs this paranormal Spoilers from here on out The guys get shipped off to an island to feed the sirens for nine years no explanation on that There are little balls of light that can Telenor you away no explanation on those There is a mystical being that tells you your fate No explanation on that one either And Hamilton who or what is HamiltonAnd what about this fight at the dance that was apparently so bad and also not the guy s fault that got them shipped off in the first place And why didn t they leave the island when they turned 18 but before their Aunt died And why didn t they find Vonni when they came back to town the previous year And why didn t they come back for their mom s funeral How did Vonni become best friends with fhe girl Jackson brought to the dance that Vonni said was the girl trying to drive a wedge between them How did her brothers immediately forgive without and explanation Her parents At least her brothers were passed for a hot second Literally nothing was answered In a little over a week and a half a decade of hurt was forgotten and forgiven and they moved in together as fated harem and had sex sleeping together like a dog pile I m so confused as to what I just read