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summary Touching the Mekong

Touching the Mekong review Ê 103 Al reintroduction to lands now at peace and in transition It will appeal to archaeologists interested for example in the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia; anthropologists concerned with multiple ethnic groups and cultures some threatened by modern development tourism and geopolitics; students of Buddhism Hinduism and Confucianism; and readers fascinated by the handicrafts and architecture of the region and especially by fine art photograph.

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Touching the Mekong review Ê 103 Touching the Mekong is a visual exploration of contemporary life in those Southeast Asian countries that border or contain within their borders segments of the region's largest river the MekongFreelance photographer Andrea Baldeck who traveled throughout the area in 2001 2002 presents 150 compelling images that encompass portraiture landscapes and still lifes along with a brief essay that explores some of the factors that led her to e.

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Touching the Mekong review Ê 103 Xplore this terrain with her cameraThe content and juxtaposition of these visual moments arrest the eye and kindle the imagination with images grouped to create visual resonance rather by country or category They stimulate uestions and invite further exploration All were taken on location unstaged in natural light Baldeck used no props or supplemental euipment beyond two 35mm Leica camerasThis timely photographic study provides a visu.

  • Hardcover
  • 156
  • Touching the Mekong
  • Andrea Baldeck
  • English
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9781931707558