When Two Hearts Meet [Pdf New]

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  • When Two Hearts Meet
  • Janelle Mowery
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  • 06 December 2018
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read & download When Two Hearts Meet Janelle Mowery ´ 0 summary summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Janelle Mowery Deputy sheriff with a wall around his heart doesn't help matters but when she learns why. When Two Hearts Meet by Janelle Mowery is a rousing action packed and faith filled historical western romance The hero and heroine are a well matched strong willed pair who found love when it was least expected Nurse Rachel Garrett leaves behind her home in Missouri to flee the unpleasant aftermath of a patient s unavoidable death She accepts a nursing position with Dr Barnes in Rockdale Colorado with the hopes of a new start to a long and fulfilling medical career What she didn t expect on her first day in town was to drawn into the area of a shootout and to come face to face with the very handsome and stern Deputy Sheriff Luke Mason Sparks fly from their first meeting and they have one adventure after another in the little wild west town Luke is embittered by the murder of his lawman father years before and he uestions the religious faith of others Despite their many differences there is a definite attraction and Rachel finds herself filled with compassion for Luke s hurting heart When Luke comes to care for Rachel in spite of his own misgivings he comes roaring to her defense when it becomes obvious that someone means to cause her grievous harm Once the barriers between them begin to tumble down Rachel and Luke discover each other s mischievous sense of humor and they have fun with teasing one up manship This was a very interesting story line on numerous levels the Old West crime solving techniues the 1800 s medical practices and the loss and renewal of deep and abiding faith When Two Hearts Meet is the conclusion of Janelle Mowery s Colorado Series I look forward to reading the first two books When All My Dreams Come True and When Love Gets in the Way

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read & download When Two Hearts Meet Janelle Mowery ´ 0 summary summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Janelle Mowery Rachel Garrett finds that attaining her dream of becoming a nurse is fraught with peril A. WooHoo I am telling you Janelle Mowery knows how to write a good book This is the conclusion of her Colorado Runaway Series and When Two Hearts Meet is a really good ending Of course I would be hard picked to decide which one was my favorite I have had the blessing of reviewing all three and they are all great I think this one would probably be my least favorite but that is my personal preferenceThis book opens with Luke who is a deputy in town and he is trying to take care of some moonshiners All of a sudden a stagecoach pulls up and a lady comes flying out trying to be there for anyone who needs nursing care And you guessed it The moonshiners get awayD From that point on Luke and Rachel are at odds Luke s mother is a real sweetheart and she has a very sweet spiritThere are two ladies chuckle who are throughout this book I had real fun reading about them and how they are These sisters are real characters No I don t mean like real people but they are such a hoot From some real interesting soup to going at each other like they are enemies at opposite ends of the house They had me cracking upDThe topics dealt with include many things One topic in this book include a widow remarrying whose son does not want her to get married again I know how he feels but at the same point I understand her loneliness and want of another man in her life Janelle does a great job of showing both viewpoints I have friends who are adamant about never remarrying while others are on opposite sides This is a hard thing to deal with and is really up to personal preference in somebodies lifeThe reason why this is my least favorite out of the three is that at times it is hard to like Rachel at times I know she feels like it is her job to nurse others but she outright goes against what Luke asks her to do I understand where she is coming from and believe me I have heard nurses say this but it is hard to have her in trouble when it wouldn t have happened if she has obeyed his wishes Just kind of hard to deal with But again this is personal Not that there is anything wrong with someone like this Some men like a feisty womanDThere are almost two subplots through this book This does end the main mystery that was intertwined through the previous two books But I also enjoyed how Rachel stands up to a younger man who is interested in her She does not flirt with him but treats him as an adult who is a friend Luke also has similar problems he has to deal with I liked how these were done Not mean spirited or anythingSince this is the conclusion to the Colorado Runaway series I am wondering what is in store for Mowery s readers Another western series Or maybe something completely different I am awaiting hearing about her new release This book was published by Harvest House Publishers so I am guessing the next one will be through them as well Will let you know when I hear about itI received a copy of this book for review purposes from Harvest House Publishing I did not receive any monetary compensation All thoughts are 100% mine

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read & download When Two Hearts Meet Janelle Mowery ´ 0 summary summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Janelle Mowery Luke Mason has barricaded his heart her desire to heal confronts an even greater challen. A very tender story with lots of hassles for nurse Rachel garrett Her introduction to deputy sheriff Luke Mason as she arrives in town I truly loved All of us struggle with hardships Some handle them like Rachel and Luke s Mother Then others handle them like Luke The title is truly the beginning of this story If you ve ever walked through troubles or the death of a loved one you ll find encouragement The book is one that is hard to lay down There are discussion uestions at end which makes this a perfect book for book clubs